Grilling ingredients

Ah…, finally cooked the perfect steak last night. The transition from charcoal grilling to gas grilling is complete. Let me show you my secret arsenal.


What you see is the grilling bible, timer, instant read digital thermometer, and a new rub we found at costco.

New grill

Say good bye to the old weber charcoal grill. Hello new gas grill. Here is a picture of its initial assembly. Only took 4 hours to build. The brand is Char-broil, and it only cost $299.00 at lowes. A lot cheaper then weber gas grill which cost 600 for a comparable model.

This actually hooks up to the homes natural gas line. So no need to worry about running out of LP gas, or running out to get it filled back up. Supposed to be cheaper too but we’ll see about that.


Old Army pic

Hey look,  found another old pic of me in the army 15 years ago. Don’t worry, that helicopter isnt really flying. hahaha….