Flash on smart phones

According to Dilbert, flash on smart phones really isn’t a good idea.


Comfortable chair for the office

The previous chair was an old used one I bought from my previous works storage for $5. I don’t think the damage it did to my back was worth the saving.

Check out the new one. From costco for $200. Expensive but worth every penny.

New mac workstation

This week I added a new computer to my collection, but this time its a mac. The specs are 8-Core 2.26 ghz Quad-core Intel Xeon “Nehalem” processors, 6GB ram, Nvidia GeForce GT 120 video card.

Our new 2008 Acura MDX

Ever since getting a new job in Los Angeles, the commute in my F-150 was burning oil faster then the fires in kuwait during the gulf wars.

So, decided to get my wife a new 08 MDX, so I can drive her 05 TL.

Check out the new baby..

We were originally going to get a toyota sienna, but damn toyota dealers are horrible. Trying to buy a toyota was the worst experience ever. Very rude, and they do not negotiate. Especially the corporate owned dealerships like Power.

cowcrossing.com launch phase one!!

cowcrossing.com is now live! After 3 months in development. It was a simple site, but the time consuming part was that this was the first site done in AS 3.0 for me. I read the”essential actionscript 3.0″ book by colin moock, but its whole different story reading the concepts vs actual development.

It does not have everything I wanted to incorporate (e.g. animated cows) but I had to get something up to start job my job hunting.

The site tries to use OOPs methodology as much as possible, using document class and MVC design pattern, but still uses a mixture of time line animation and and frame based logic.

This was more experimental then anything else, and this gives me the confidence to stick with AS 3.0 for all future projects.