launch phase one!! is now live! After 3 months in development. It was a simple site, but the time consuming part was that this was the first site done in AS 3.0 for me. I read the”essential actionscript 3.0″ book by colin moock, but its whole different story reading the concepts vs actual development.

It does not have everything I wanted to incorporate (e.g. animated cows) but I had to get something up to start job my job hunting.

The site tries to use OOPs methodology as much as possible, using document class and MVC design pattern, but still uses a mixture of time line animation and and frame based logic.

This was more experimental then anything else, and this gives me the confidence to stick with AS 3.0 for all future projects.


Author: mark

Creative technologist

3 thoughts on “ launch phase one!!”

  1. Your site looks fantastic. Very, very nice and smooth experience.

    Only issue I can see is the text “Let’s see what’s in the barn” (your profile). Initially, I thought it said “Let’s see what’s in the born”.

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