Windows home server out, Ubuntu in.

With the unfortunate news about windows home server and the discontinued use of drive extender, I went ahead and replaced my home file server with ubunbu 10.10.

It has not been easy with several issues along the way. I will try to document problems and solutions for others who might be thinking of making the change. Hopefully its useful for non linux users to hear the experience from another non linux user.

Author: mark

Creative technologist

One thought on “Windows home server out, Ubuntu in.”

  1. Great idea – I would love to hear progress. I was thinking of doing the same. Simple, file sharing server.
    I one key feature I love about WHS is the backup/restore of client images to the server. This would take some work, but would be great. File backups are nice, but images have saved a lot of time when a problem strikes one of my kids boxes.

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