Actionscript 3: Get ratio value between two numbers

Simple utility for getting a ratio between two numbers. Thanks to my friend Jamie for the method.

private function returnValue(value:Number, actualMin:Number, actualMax:Number, ratioMin:Number, ratioMax:Number):Number{
     return (((value - actualMin) / (actualMax - actualMin)) * (ratioMax - ratioMin)) + ratioMin;

Here is also a simpler version when you know the percentage of the number range.

public function returnValue( percentage:Number, min:Number, max:Number ):Number {
    return ((( max - min ) / 100 ) * percentage ) + min;

This version returns a percentage of the two range of numbers.

public  function returnValuePercentage( _value:Number, min:Number, max:Number ):Number {
return ((( _value - min ) / ( max - min )) * 100 );

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2 thoughts on “Actionscript 3: Get ratio value between two numbers”

  1. Hello,
    I try to make with AS3.0 some kind of competition. Therefor I have to calculate “Points”. Example:
    I sign in a user with 100 points. Later another one with 120. Another one with 200 and so on….. . I want AS3 to put this numbers in a line by its value, i.e. on top 200-120-100. Also i need to increase the numbers manually i.e. The user with 100 did something so I can add 20 oder 100 Points to his 100 und as3.0 will updatre the list again.Maybe with php …………Any help appreciated tks a lot.Can´t find a donation button.

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