Home server with old G4 – pt 2


Once your hard ware is set up, we will need to install the software to fill the purpose of your home server. Here is a list of what I’m running and a description.

1) sharepoints


If you are running os x 10.4 or lower, this app will make it easy for you to define which folders or volume will be available to share. This is especially helpful is you have a separate hard drive as your file server. 10.5 does not require Sharepoints because it is built in.

2) DynDns


The free service from dyndns.org will give you a web address that auto forwards to your server for those with dynamic I.P. address. Not needed if you can afford a static I.P. address.

3) Vine Server


Since my server will sit in my closet without a monitor,  svnX will allow me to connect remotely via VNC.  OSX has built in vnc support but you can not change the default 5900 port.

4) Media Link


Get more usage out of your server by turning it into a media server. MediaLink is a UPnP server to stream photos, videos and music to your Playstation 3.

5) FtpD


FTPD is a FTP server for creating users to give access control for others to connect via FTP.

6) WebMon


Not critical, but it is a nice option to connect via WebDAV.

7) Carbon Copy


I decided not to run RAID 1, instead set carbon cloner on a schedule to backup to the second hard drive once a week. This helps incase I accidently delete a file, since deleting a file on the server will delete it immidiately.

Another option was iBackup, but that does not do incremental backup. Incremental backup is where it only backups files thats been modified, so it doesnt back up the entire disk every time. If i delete a file on my main drive it will also delete it on the back up drive.

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