Home server with old G4

Using an old G4 is a great way to create a file server. If you have one around it is a cheaper solution then getting a dedicated NAS drive. The old G4 have gigabit etherbit capability so it will be much cheaper then getting a NAS drive with gigabit connection.

It can also stretch the functionality to a Web server, FTP server, UPnP media server and a Webdav server. Not bad for an old obsolete computer.

The one I will be using with be my old 10 year old Mac G4 dual 450 mhz, 896mb ram, 136 gb main hard drive, and 2 western digital 1TB sata drive for files.


The only upgrade required was to install a SATA pci card to support two additional hard drives. Current system is limited to recognize 136 gb.


I used a Sonnets TEMPO serial ATA 2 port pci controller card as pictured above for $60 from amazon. There is an issue with the driver that comes with os 10.4  for this card which makes the system freeze. You will have to reflash the driver, but don’t use the one from sonnet. This is acutally a repackaged FirmTek , and their driver fixes the issue. Download their driver and it should get this card working for you.

As i mentioned above, you will want to go with os 10.4. You can get away with 10.3, but there are lots of apps that wont support it. My current setup is to enable the sharing below, and also several apps that i can go into detail in the next post.


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